• Machetazo Papalote Mezcal (750ml)

Machetazo Papalote Mezcal
100% handcrafted and follows organic procedures throughout it production. It is a spirit for the spirited, a challenge for the bold, and a taunt for the provocative. Crafted from wild agave species that grows on the mountaintops of the state of Guerrero. Papalote agaves must reach a level of maturity that ensures the ideal concentration of natural sugars and minerals in the heart of the agave, or piña.
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Origin: Guerrero, Mexico
Notes: Made from Wild Cupreata or Papalote agave.
Tasting Notes:
Mayalen Machetazo shows the refined character of the Wild Cupreata agave. Notes of fennel, dill, radish peel and crushed aloe lead toward spicy bitter chocolate notes, finish is long, clean and fruit-driven with low mineral influence.

Machetazo Papalote Mezcal (750ml)

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