• Mezcal Creyente Joven (750ml)
Mezcal Creyente Joven
Mezcal Creyente ™ Joven is the union of two extraordinary mezcales of the regions of Tlacolula and Yautepec, in Oaxaca. The result is a perfect blend, made with 100% agave sprat.

The three main parts of our mezcal are represented in a new mythological animal. The soft, velvety and complex body is incarnated by the elusive jaguar. The sweet, fruity and herbaceous notes are represented by the agile and elegant legs of the antelope. The sublime taste of smoked mesquite wood unifies these elements and comes to life in a symbol of Mexican tradition: the Real Eagle. The result of this mixture is a mild and complex flavored mezcal.

Believer has the philosophy that everything is possible, and this belief is reflected in the need to create an incredible mezcal. Bebe Believer in the traditional way: accompanied by a slice of orange and sangrita.

Mezcal Creyente Joven (750ml)

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