• Manoir du Kinkiz Cuvee Blanche French Hard Cider  (750ml)

The Wine Enthusiast suggested 5 of the best French Ciders...and this is one of them...
Manoir du Kinkiz Cuvee Blanche
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The Best French Ciders You Should Drink This Fall - The Wine Enthusiast
Forego the apple picking—these five complex French ciders are far more interesting ways to engage fall’s favorite fruit.
Manoir du Kinkiz Cuvée Blanche; $26. Limited-production small-batch keeving has imparted ripe stone fruit and elegant florals to this golden pour, making the Kinkiz (pronounced keen-kees) a downright turn-on. Perfect for a cozy night in with someone special. This cider is made from a single variety of apple called Guillevic. The Guillevic is an old apple variety known for its golden, almost white juice. It undergoes a slow fermentation, during which it develops complex flavors and aromas that range from wild roses, to white peach, and tart citrus fruit. The "Cuvée Blanche” is fermented dry (brut) and is devoid of any bitterness. Its aromas are particularly elegant, and bring an amazing brightness to the palate. Long ago people referred to this cider as “le champagne de nos campagnes” “the champagne of our countryside”. The Cuvée Blanche should be served cold, and is great accompanied by fruit desserts or even chocolate cake. However it is also good by itself as an aperitif. The combination of the delicate Guillevic apple, low alcohol, and long fermentation give this cider an almost magical lightness. 

Manoir du Kinkiz Cuvee Blanche French Hard Cider (750ml)

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