• Pinckney Bend Distillery Rested Whiskey (750ml) Missouri
Pinckney Bend Distillery Rested Whiskey
Located in historic New Haven MO on the banks of the Missouri River, in the Heart of Missouri Wine Country, Pinckney Bend Distillery produces premium quality spirits one small batch at a time.
Our Rested American Whiskey is:

• Pot distilled in 50 gal. batches from a mash of 80% corn

• Aged in new & reused, charred Missouri White Oak barrels

• True to its historic 19th Century roots

Rested Whiskey Heritage

In the early 19th century whiskey was produced by small, local distillers. Transported by wagon and boat in barrels of all sizes, it aged only as long as it took to travel from where it was produced to where it was consumed. But even a brief exposure to wood transforms well-made new whiskey into something special.  Whiskey is a living, breathing thing. Early distillers quickly learned that young corn whiskey, ‘rested’ for even a short time in ‘burnt’ white oak barrels has a charm all its own. It is not yet mature enough to be called Straight Whiskey, but it’s a spirit America’s pioneers valued and enjoyed.

The Rested whiskey is the same grain bill that is in our Corn whiskey; 80%corn, 15% barley and 5% rye. We age this whiskey for just shy of a year in 15 gallon #3 char oak barrels made by McGinnis wood products in Cuba, MO.
We blend the contents of three barrels, so each batch is just under 50 gallons.
We called it Rested American Whiskey because it uses both new and reused chared oak barrels. As a result, it does not fit the legal definition of either bourbon or corn whiskey.
We wanted to create a whiskey that resides on the evolutionary trail between clear corn and bourbon. What's in the bottle cam speak for itself.

Pinckney Bend Distillery Rested Whiskey (750ml) Missouri

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