• Pinckney Bend Hand Crafted Corn Whiskey (750ml) Missouri
For those who are passionate about the subject, the word 'whiskey' can cover a great deal of territory. Or depending on your perspective, maybe it describes a small, precisely delineated plot in the spirit world. Among experts, defining what whiskey is --and is not-- has become as much an argument about ideology as the name of a product category. Where corn dominates the American whiskey scene, and in modern times has played a growing role in Scotland, Ireland and Canada, our passion is for whiskey made entirely form whole grain, most of which is malted barley. The Brits would call it malt whiskey. Pinckney Bend is charting a different course, aimed at making whiskey with flavor profiles that you won't find anywhere else. Rather than be constrained by custom and tradition, we will build on it. Pinckney Bend is partnering with Second Shift Brewery in New Haven, where we will be mashing whole grain and fermenting the 'wort' it produces into whiskey products. Like us, the brewers at Second Shift are obsessed with quality, and their eight-barrel (250 gal.) brew house is scaled perfectly to match our storage and distilling capacity.
Pinckney Bend has yet to release a whiskey, but it won't be long. We have several products in development, and a number of different whiskey avenues we are exploring. When these products are released, they will be in limited quantities and may only be available through the distillery. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and be the first to know when Pinckney Bend Whiskey becomes available.

Pinckney Bend Hand Crafted Corn Whiskey (750ml) Missouri

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