• Jester King Simple Means (750ml)
Jester King Simple Means
We are pleased to introduce Jester King Simple Means — our farmhouse altbier with smoked malt. For us, Simple Means is an exercise in succinctness and restraint. As we mature as a brewery and as beer drinkers, we progressively find our tastes, techniques, and recipes becoming more simplified. This is not to suggest that complexity has been sacrificed, but rather that we seek to create clearer expressions of flavor and aroma in our beer, and ultimately to make beer that is balanced and drinkable. Simple Means takes inspiration from Altbier. Though classically associated with the copper ales of Düsseldorf, the term can refer to any older-style beer in the German-speaking world. Both the use of smoked malts and mixed fermentation with native yeast and bacteria predate modern brewing techniques, lending flavors to our farmhouse altbier that are evocative of a simpler, much earlier time. 

Jester King Simple Means (750ml)

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