• Martin Brothers Mead Orange Blossom (750ml)
From Herman Missouri

Martin Brothers Mead Orange Blossom

The Honey:  Orange Blossom honey is a monofloral honey, i.e. from one flower source, in this case the blossoms of orange trees. This exotic variety of honey is sought out by beekeepers from all over the US. During a very short blooming period, beekeepers travel to the groves of Florida and California to gather as much pure Orange Blossom honey as they can. The brilliant aroma of this honey is intensely creamy and floral. The orange blossom’s aroma can actually be compared to that of the familiar honeysuckle.
The Method: This Orange Blossom Mead is a Traditional Mead made entirely from 100% USA orange blossom honey, and fermented on premium silky American oak.
The Essence:  Intensely floral bouquet of orange blossom, slight orange zest hints; heavy bodied, with notes of vanilla and orange crème and mild notes or orange zest and slight nutty undertones of cashew and ending with a crisp refreshing kiwi finish.

Martin Brothers Mead Orange Blossom (750ml)

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