• Crooked Stave Baby Bear Golden Sour Ale (750ml)

Crooked Stave Baby Bear Golden Sour Ale

With Lactose and Blueberries
In auspicious fashion, we christend our new brewhouse by brewing a celebratory beer for the birth of our first born son Terje, born January 29th, 2015.  This inaugural Baby Bear beer incorporates both our favorite brewing incredients and things that our newborn quickly acquired taste for.  Built upon a golden malt base, reminiscent of graham crackers, we layered our conception with a heavy dose of lactose before fermenting in our Baby foeder with our house mixed culture of yeast and bacteria.  We couldn't resist aging this beer with copious amounts of whole blueberries from our home away from home in northwest Washington, where my wife grew up.  Enjoy this beer for years to come, I know we will while we watch our son grow.

Crooked Stave Baby Bear Golden Sour Ale (750ml)

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