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Packaged in a heavy duty crock.

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Grimfrost Bilberry Mead Bear's Feast Brew
A rustic bilberry mead with a rich taste of Viking Age Sweden.
Bilberry shrub covers as much as 17% of Sweden’s landscape. It’s an essential part of the Scandinavian bear’s diet in their preparation for winter hibernation. The Bear’s Feast Brew consists out of bilberry juice, fermented together with another favourite among bears, Honey, into a dry beverage that resembles red wine. Serve it at room temperature to be consumed with main course meat dishes. The slight taste of forest, makes it especially good with game. Just the way a bear would love it.
• Alcohol content by volume: 14.5%
• Ingredients: Bilberry, Honey, Water and Yeast.
In Norse mythology it was Kvasir’s blood that was mixed with honey in the creation of the divine Mead of Poetry.
Grimfrost is a Swedish Company dedicated to making and selling authentic Viking products. Grimfrost’s Mead has been developed together with Mjödhamnen. With it, we would like to invite you on a journey back to a time when mead was considered to originate from the gods.

Grimfrost Bilberry Mead Bear's Feast Brew (750ml) Ceramic Crock -- Arrives soon

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