• Vago Mezcal Ensamble en Barro (750ml)

Vago Mezcal Ensamble en Barro

Tio Rey crafts his mezcal in Sola de Vega, a region famous for its use of olla de barro (clay pots) in distillation.  His palenque sits ideally on a fertile hill near a fresh mountain spring.  His water source, rich soil and ancient methods yield rich and satisfying mezcals.  Each unique blend of agaves he creates will have a different flavor.  The blends include various amounts of Espadin, Mexicano, Coyote, Arroqueno and Sierra Negra.  Each batch will be clearly labels as to its content so we might learn a think or two from this master.

Olla de Barro Ensamble from Sola de Vega has a soft bouqet of pine needles and fertile earth.  Its full body has an essence of charred cinnamon and finishes with notes of pumpkin and chestnut

Vago Mezcal Ensamble en Barro (750ml)

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