• Brugal Papa Andres Rum 2015 (750ml) #10 of 1000
Only 1000 bottles made
It is our family's greatest treasure. Named after our founder, Don Andres Brugal, this blend has been enjoyed by the Brugal family for five generations before ever being released for sale. Each limited edition is different to the last, and 2015s Alegria  was created by Jassil Villanueva Quintana, the family's first ever Maestra Ronera (female Master Blender). Alegria blends rum from three different types of rare casks and the bottle's decoration was designed by acclaimed Spanish artist Javier Mariscal. Only 1,000 handmade decanters have been made for sale, making this one of the most unique and extraordinary rums you could ever enjoy.

Brugal Papa Andres Rum 2015 (750ml) #10 of 1000

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