• Versaille King's French Vodka (750ml)
Distilled 6 times (Grey Goose is distilled 3 times)
Water from the Cognac Region (same as Grey Goose)
Made from French Wheat (same as Grey Goose)

Versailles vodka is for Kings! Versailles vodka is today’s model of superior quality, taste and style. It is made of 100% pure grain wheat, which comes from the North of France. The wheat is carefully selected from several varieties. This vodka is distilled six times to reach the highest level of purity. The water used comes from a source in the Cognac area. Versailles vodka is known for its heavenly clean and pure taste and a breath taking bottle design that reflects history. Try it, and be a King.
(The Emperor has more of a bite on the finish which I prefer. The Versailles is the smoother of the two - a little closer to the Grey Goose profile.)

Versaille King's French Vodka (750ml)

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