• Jim Beam Signature Craft Whole Rolled Oat Bourbon (375ml)
•Bottled at 90 proof
Aged 11 Years
With its brilliant amber color, and toasted grain and nutty aroma, our whole Rolled Oat bourbon has a mellow and slightly sweet taste with a gentle, light-bodied finish

Jim Beam Harvest Bourbon Collection is a series of six hand-crafted bourbons that celebrate the distinctive tastes imparted by the distillation of different grains. More than 11 years of aging have brought out the nuances of these unique ingredients to create some of the rarest, most unique whiskey expressions to ever leave a Jim Beam rackhouse.
The first two grain representations – Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice – are being released in extremely small quantities beginning today. The four remaining expressions – Whole Rolled Oat, Triticale, High Rye and Six Row Barley – will be released with limited quantity throughout 2015.

Jim Beam Signature Craft Whole Rolled Oat Bourbon (375ml)

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