• Terres de ROA Cuvee Solaire White 2017  (750ml) (F&R)

80% Chardonnay and 20% Tressalier

ROA is the acronym for Raisins - Organics - Attitude 3 letters drawn from the unusual letters of the 4 first names of family members. The name of this estate carries with it its convictions and practices of organic viticulture.

The Domaine de TERRES de ROA has indeed every reason to show its position since it is the only Domain of the Appellation ***  in Organic Agriculture certified by Ecocert in 2009. It is therefore in the respect of the environment Claudine, Luke Weaver and one of their daughter, Loren now manage their vineyard that extends over 18 hectares and a half, whose plots are located on Monétay common on Breuilly Allier Cesset. The sandy soil of the first allows the fruit to express itself more, while the granitic soil of the second allows the minerality of the terroir to prevail. The winemaker has made the choice here to diversify the grape varieties. If Chardonnay, Gamay and Pinot Noir are common in this region of the Loire Valley, the Tressalieris a specificity grown only under the Appellation ***.

It is only since 2010 that the Domaine de TERRES de ROA vinifies its production of red, rosé and white cuvées. Cuvée Lunaire, Cuvée Solaire ... On the estate, the name of the wines also reminds them that they are made with respect for the environment and natural rhythms. At the vineyard, Luc has banned fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and synthetic weed killers. He now prefers natural preparations recommended by organic farming. The Bordeaux mixture with protective properties is widespread in the vineyards. A fertilizing vegetable compost is also put in place. Tillage or controlled grassing alternate between rows of vines to enrich microbiological life, promote biodiversity and aerate the earth.

Claudine & Luc's sustainable approach has continued beyond the vineyard itself, especially when choosing materials for the construction of a bioclimatic winery (wood frame, hemp and lime bricks, cellulose wadding, coatings, etc.). lime ...). Here, the vinification takes place as naturally as possible. The fermentation is carried out without the addition of exogenous yeasts and in the manner of the old ones. Only a little sulfur is added sparingly.

Terres de ROA Cuvee Solaire White 2017 (750ml) (F&R)

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