• Rihaku Nigori Sake Dreamy Clouds (300ml)
Rihaku Nigori Sake Dreamy Clouds
Dreamy Clouds is quite special because its milling rate of 41% technically qualifies it as Junmai Ginjo grade - a rare quality level for a nigori (cloudy) sake. It presents an opportunity to move Nigori drinkers forward to new styles of sake.
GRADE: Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori ***

TASTING NOTES: Bright and lean in the mouth, unlike many Nigori, and the impact is chewy with sweet rice flavors intermingling with the nutty and slightly fruity characteristics of the sake.
FOOD PAIRING: Pair with spicy noodle dishes, risotto, or white fish.

*** Nigori is “cloudy” or “milky” sake. It is a brew that has some of the original rice solids from fermentation incorporated into the liquid. Cloudy sake that generally has a more full body and pairs well with strong flavors of spice and sweetness. There are varying levels of cloudiness and body, but generally nigori pairs well with spicy food and strong flavors as well as desserts.

Rihaku Nigori Sake Dreamy Clouds (300ml)

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