• La Clarine Priscilla Red Blend 2014 (750ml)

2014 La Clarine Priscilla
"Are you lonely tonight?" Our 2014 Elvis was, so we made him a Priscilla...
When the King Fire disrupted our harvest plans in late 2014, we had already picked half of our Josephine+Mariposa blend. We were feeling pretty good about that wine, too, as we had managed to get some of the small plot of Cinsault which grows in that vineyard to go along with our Grenache.   A co-ferment of Grenache and Cinsault is a wonderful thing to smell. Quite lovely.  Then the King Fire struck, and we were unable to harvest the rest of the grapes for the Josephine+Mariposa blend. We were left with a Josephine, but no Mariposa, so to speak.  We were a little upset, for a while, but then the beauty of this Grenache / Cinsault blend began to shine. And our Priscilla was born.
84% Grenache and 16% Cinsault grown on yellow slate soils, whole cluster ambient yeast fermented for 5 days on the skins and aged entirely in Flextank for 16 months, without racking. A small amount (15ppm) of sulfites were added at bottling.  The wine shows wonderful floral aromas, a touch of lavender, and bright red fruits. Medium bodied, with just enough acid and tannin grip, and a long finish with those great mineral notes that Grenache shows so nicely when grown on rock.   A great companion to our more robust and darker-toned Elvis release. A ying to Elvis' yang.

We make wine
...as naturally as possible, adding no yeast, sulfur dioxide, oak chips, enzymes or concentrates in the cellar, and no chemicals, fertilizers or tillage in our vineyard. We allow fermentations to occur spontaneously, and allow them to complete in their own time (this can take up to 6 months!). Every vintage has its own rhythms.

We age our wine in neutral containers, never in new oak, and let the wine develop without sulfur additions or excessive racking.
We bottle when the wine is “complete” (when a wine eventually “comes together” and is harmonious). We then add a minimal amount of sulfur to ensure the bottles you receive are safe from the rigors of travel and fluctuating temperatures.

La Clarine Priscilla Red Blend 2014 (750ml)

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