• Hidden Legend The King's Mead (750ml)
Hidden Legend The King's Mead
Known in Greek Mythology as “necter of the gods,” mead became the exclusive drink of royalty. Our King’s Mead wine captures all the qualities that inspired centuries of poetry, legend, and song. This traditional honey mead is made in the style of the old world. It has a very smooth sweet honey flavor. You can enjoy this delightful honey wine on its own or with dessert. If you want mead wine that is less sweet, try our award winning Pure Honey Mead. If you are looking for a traditional style, sweet, honey mead then this is the one for you! We think that our friends at Storm the Castle said it best in their review of The King’s Mead. “This is an outstanding mead. I really love it. It has a full bodied taste and is a great representative of what a mead should be! If you have never tried drinking any mead and want to get a sense of it I recommend you try this. It will give you a great sense of mead. I really like this mead.” 
2014 – Gold Medal (Tasters Guild International Wine Judging)
2012 – Gold Medal (Tri-Cities Wine Competition)

Hidden Legend The King's Mead (750ml)

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