• 100 Percent Moscato
After spending my professional career in Corporate America, I realized I wanted more from my work. As a dad, I saw an opportunity to build something that mattered to help people living with a disability, including my son, Matthew. As a result, I started a new business, 100 Percent Wine, that will donate all profits to nonprofit organizations that create jobs for people in this population. My mission is to deliver outstanding products that celebrate people in a positive and uplifting way and challenge the stereotypes around what someone can accomplish if they are only given a chance. This is now my life's work.
The ultimate goal of a blend is bringing together the best of everything and that is especially true with our 100 Percent Red Blend. Karen started with her favorite grape Cabernet Sauvignon because of its richness and complexity. Next came Petit Verdot to add tannins, colors and flavors plus an aromatic quality of dark fruits and floral aromas. Malbec was added to bring a different element to the wine that adds complexity and softens the mouth feel. Finally Teroldego completed the blend. This intense, dark grape enhances the depth, darkness and adds color to the fruit.

Tasting Notes
Our moscato is our most aromatic wine. The wine has great stone fruit flavors of fresh peach and apricot plus floral notes of orange blossoms balanced by a little sparkle. Our moscato has a mix of sweetness and acidity that creates a great balanced wine. Enjoy it chilled with loved ones!

100 Percent Moscato

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