• Crop Circle Vodka (750ml) Missouri
From Missouri
! A totally local, handmade, vodka!
For this run, we actually used 3 batches and combined them before doing the vodka run. We started with 300 gallons of water and 500 lbs of corn per run. Cooking went great. We first did beerstripping runs, which were fast and hot. We then did our cleaning run, or moonshine run, and ran the stills till we had an overall proof of 130. After that, we did our 3 super slow vodka runs. We finally brought the distillate out at 190 proof off the still and then cut it down to 110 proof with distilled water. We then charcoal filtered it to bring us to a clean, crisp, neutral vodka. After that, we brought it down to 80 proof and bottled it.

Crop Circle Vodka (750ml) Missouri

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