• Belgian Owl Whisky Single Malt (750ml)

Bottled in 2012

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A First! The Belgian Owl, Belgian Whisky Single Malt will be the first whisky ever made in Belgium with barley raised in Belgium! It is the outcome of the determined efforts of a distiller from Liege, Etienne Bouillon, who has put all his energy to this project for nearly two years with the best of his skills and know-how. 'The Belgian Owl', Belgian Whisky Single Malt is made from a distillate of the best Belgian malt, the barley beeing raised in Belgium. Malt refers to sprouted barley whose germination is stopped by heat. This process, also called kilning, determines the aroma given off by the spirits produced from the still. 'The Belgian Owl', Belgian Whisky Single Malt will be a wonderful whisky with delicious aromas of spice, fruity and with flowers notes . This is what distiller Etienne Bouillon, owner of The Owl Distillery has to say about it: The distillation I practice gives a very flexible, smooth product. To obtain a top quality taste, I keep only the heart of the distillate obtained after a second distillation. The malt distillate leaves our century-old stills in Grâce-Hollogne with an alcohol content of more than 70%, and is then aged in oak casks for at least three full years. During the aging process it gradually takes on its lovely amber colour and develops its magnificent aromas. At the end of the aging period, the product can be called Whisky. At this point it contains more or less 60% alcohol that is reduced to 46% by adding pure water. Then it is bottled. Be the first to own, taste and share the first Belgian Single Malt Whisky, on basis of barley raised in Belgium, in history!

Belgian Owl Whisky Single Malt (750ml)

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