• Cerveza Rrey Kolsch (12oz bottle) Mexico

Cerveza Rrey Kolsch

The Kölsch is a beer style originally from Köln, Germany, which has been produced since the year 874. The word Kölsch means "From Cologne", and is used as a noun to name the city's dialect and local beer ... it's This can be said that the Kölsch is the only language in the world that can also be drunk. Our beer has an exquisite balance and a pleasant flavor that makes it the perfect companion for the traditional northern grilled meats, but we invite you to explore pairing with your favorite dish.

Water: mineralized as water from Köln, Germany.
Yeast: the soul of the cheve.
Hops: Hallertauer.
Malta: German Pilsner and other special malts.

Cerveza Rrey Kolsch (12oz bottle) Mexico

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