• Bols Genever (liter)
Genever is a product category on its own, protected since 2008, meaning it has the equivalent of a French AOC, putting it on par with categories such as Champagne, Cognac, and Scottish malt-whisky. Genever can be made only in Holland and a few nearby areas, from high-quality ingredients.
The heart of Bols Genever is a precious whisky-like triple grain distillate made of corn, wheat, and rye, which the Dutch call maltwine. This flavor-rich distillate is carefully blended with a juniper-berry distillate and brought to 42% alcohol, a percentage carefully chosen by our master distiller for the perfect combination of aroma and mouth feel. The attention to detail in the distilling process is comparable to a fine single malt Scotch.
In the early 19th century, the import of genever was six times bigger than gin and many cocktails that are now made with gin, originally mixed with genever. Bols Genever is produced by world's oldest distlled spirits company Lucas Bols, that was founded in Amsterdam in 1575. The company began distilling genevers in 1664, a proud tradition that continues to this day. Master distillers perfected the art of distilling genever over centuries in Amsterdam and in 1820 a revolutionary new genever was created. This new recipe is the authentic taste of genever as it should be: complex, powerful, and delicious." - website

Bols Genever (liter)

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