• Ao Rice Vodka (750ml) Japan
Ao Vodka is distilled in Japan from 100% Japanese rice.
Ao is the Japanese word for blue, but Ao is also used to poetically describe many shades of green in nature and traditional culture. Thus, landscapes of paddy fields where Japanese rice is grown are often termed Ao.
The Creation of Ao Vodka begins in the Osumi peninsula, on Kyushu island, near the active volcano Sakurajima. This is the southernmost part of Japan’s four main islands, where the traditional art of distilling has been deeply rooted for centuries, and where water is renowned for its volcanic origin.
Rice is the Core of our Spirit. To retain its distinctive character, we use a proprietary distillation method based on small pot stills. We then blend in pristine water. And to achieve perfect crystalline clarity, we use a bamboo based filtration process.
Ao is made from 100% rice, it is gluten-free.

Ao Rice Vodka (750ml) Japan

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