• Atxa Vino Vermouth Dry (750ml)
Atxa Vino Vermouth Dry
Vermouth is a fortified and aromatized wine that is macerated with a selection of herbs, fruits and roots. The word “vermouth” comes from the German word for “wormwood”, which is historically one of its primary infused ingredients. Acha’s Vino Vermouth Dry is made with a different species of wormwood than their other selections: Roman wormwood. This less-bitter variety is abundantly grown in Spain and imparts more delicate flavors better suited to dry vermouth.

Tasting Notes This vermouth is decidedly herbal over botanical in its flavor profile. Dried marjoram and rosemary on the nose give way to gentle, but persistent, wormwood on the palate with a long, bitter finish.

Serving Recommendation The Vino Vermouth Dry is an ideal cocktail vermouth with depth and character that manages to play nicely with a variety of blending partners.

Atxa Vino Vermouth Dry (750ml)

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