Thank you for thinking of The Wine & Cheese Place for assistance with your charitable giving.  We would be happy to help with your fundraising by HOSTING A TASTING EVENT, HELPING TO SPONSOR A WINE PULL, or CONSIDERING A DONATION.  Please read the below to learn more about these options.  Thank you for your charity!

Fundraiser Tastings in Our Store

We are able to host wine or spirit tasting events for your fundraiser at any of our stores.  Our Clayton store (7435 Forsyth Blvd.) can accommodate the largest groups and also houses a newly renovated private event space which can accommodate up to 15 people in an intimate setting.  Unfortunately, we do not host tastings outside our stores.

You can choose one of the several tastings we offer to the public, or we will work with you to choose a selection of wines or spirits and then tailor an experience around those choices.  One of our experts will lead the discussion.  We can provide additional staffing, tables, linens and chairs.  

We can also offer cheese and charcuterie hand cut by our staff the day of the event.  Outside catering can be brought by the event sponsor (please note that we do not have kitchens, flatware or place settings).

Organizations have been able to generate donations from the tasting events in the following ways:

1. OPTION 1 — Auction Item: We can work with you to develop an exciting tasting to offer at the organization’s charity auction.  Our fee (as described below) can be paid by the sponsor or deducted from the auction proceeds.  Please note that a fee of at least $25 per person will be charged to the sponsor regardless of the amount raised by the auction (actual fee depends on wine or spirits chosen, and amount of cheese and charcuterie ordered, staffing needs, etc.).  

2. OPTION 2 — Ticket Sales:  The organization can choose to sell tickets to a tasting event held at our stores.  Once we decide upon a suitable tasting event, we will charge the sponsor a fee based upon the number of attendees.  Our minimum fee per person for a wine or spirit event is $25 (actual fee depends on wine or spirits chosen, and amount of cheese and charcuterie ordered, staffing needs, etc.).  The sponsor organization can sell tickets at a higher price and net the difference as a donation.  

3. ADDITIONAL OPTION – Raffle during the Tasting: During the tasting event, the event sponsor can purchase wines or spirits to be raffled during the tasting.  We will provide the event sponsor with a 10% discount on the wines purchased for the raffle.

Wine (or Spirit) Pulls

We would be happy to assist with your charitable organization’s wine pull.  Here’s how it works:

1. Encourage the organizer’s supporters to purchase wine or spirits for the Wine Pull from us.  They can visit any of our four locations or call us at (314) 962-8150, and we will make suggestions in their price range.  They can purchase the bottles in the store or via our website.  

2. We will store all the bottles purchased until pickup at no charge.

3. We will record for you in MS Excel format the name of the wine or spirit that is purchased, its retail cost, and the name of the person purchasing the item.

4. We will donate additional bottles of wine for the Wine Pull with a total retail value equal to 10% of the total value of the wines purchased by your supporters.

5. Please call us at (314) 962-8150 if you would like to discuss a Wine Pull for your charitable event.


The Wine & Cheese Place plans for and budgets its charitable giving annually, focusing on local charitable organizations as part of its mission to support the St. Louis community.  In addition to this planned giving, we receive donation requests each day.  Unfortunately, we cannot donate to every worthy cause.  In order to respond to donation requests in a fair manner, we follow the procedure described below: 

1. Please send your request via email to

2. In the request, please include your full name, the organization’s full name, and the date of the event for which the request is being made.

3. At the end of each month, the Wine & Cheese Place will randomly choose between the requests received in that month.  The chosen charity will receive a donation of wine not to exceed $50 in retail value.  We will contact the sponsor of the chosen charity to arrange pick up of the donated wines.  Unfortunately, given the huge number of requests received each month, we will not be able to respond to those requests which were not chosen.

Please note that The Wine and Cheese Place reserves the right not to consider any donation requests to organizations which are not 501(c)(3) charitable organizations or which espouse beliefs that we determine are inconsistent with our core values of charity, respect, civility, equality and dignity.